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If you’ve ever wanted to drive a luxury sedan but weren’t sure where to start, consider leasing a Genesis G90. This executive sedan offers various benefits that exclusively come from leasing.

Why Lease a Genesis G90 | Toronto ON

Cutting-edge technology

When you buy a car, its technology will eventually become outdated. But when you lease, you’ll always have access to the latest tech available in the industry.

  • The latest G90 will be equipped with enhanced driver-assist safety that improves your driving experience and keeps you safe along the way.
  • In the 2023 model, you’ll find an innovative rear seat Armrest Touch Screen that lets passengers set climate controls, massage settings, and seat controls.
  • This feature also comes with Mood Curator and Virtual Venue to set the ideal mood with lights and sounds.
  • Another innovative feature on the G90 is the EasyClose system that closes the door without you having to touch the handle.

Upgrade or move on

Because most lease terms are short, between 24-36 months, you have the ability to upgrade or change vehicles when you want.

  • If there comes a time when you expand your family and need a larger vehicle, like the GV60 or GV70, doing so is simple with a leased G90.
  • You would have to worry about completing your loan or selling/trading your purchased vehicle before making any changes.

Our team makes it easy

The experts at Genesis Downtown strive to make your leasing experience completely hassle-free and offer various benefits with the process.

  • Most leased vehicles are covered under warranty when you drive them, meaning many parts will be repaired free of charge.
  • The end of your lease gives you the flexibility to trade in the G90 for a newer version of the model or a totally different vehicle.
  • You also have the option to purchase your leased vehicle if you absolutely can’t say goodbye to it.

Genesis G90 near me

Contact our team or visit us at Genesis Downtown in Toronto, Ontario, to learn more about leasing a Genesis G90.

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